Car Maintenance Check-Ups Often Overlooked

May 7th, 2019 egreenfield
Car maintenance

Drivers often overlook basic car maintenance and check-ups, which is a very bad habit to get into. You never want to miss an oil change or a tire rotation because your car will not last as long. It will cost you much more money in the long run, and it could possibly be a cause for a malfunction or accident in the future.

Here is a List of Maintenance Check-Ups

Most of the newer cars being built and released into the public today have enough gadgets and digital tools to drive you insane. Especially for older drivers who may not be used to all the digital equipment, this can be confusing. Here are some things every driver no matter what the age should be paying attention to:

  • Tire Pressure – You should always be checking your tire pressure. If the light on your dashboard goes on, it is recommended to check the pressure. Some newer cars with the digital dashboards can sometimes trigger engine lights to go on from a recent check-up. Make sure the tires are all pumped up because the computer may just need to be reset. This includes when you are due for a tire rotation.
  • Fluids – Always check to make sure you aren’t running low on fluids. These fluids include windshield wiper, transmission, oil, coolant, and power steering. You never want to be on the road with any of these fluids getting low.
  • Check Engine Light – When your check engine light goes on, it is very important to find out what’s causing it. This is the engine signaling something might be wrong. Try to get to an auto shop right away to check it out. It could be as simple as screwing the gas cap on, nonetheless, don’t let time pass by.
  • Headlights –If you happen to have a headlight out, you always want to get it replaces as soon as possible because if you don’t, you may be susceptible to a police officer pulling you over. No one ever wants this to happen. More important, the lack of a headlight can be the cause of, or a contributing factor in, a traffic collision – which you would then be liable for.
  • Recalls – This is a very important one too. You want to always make sure your car hasn’t had any recall notices. If for some reason it does out of nowhere, even if you’ve had the car for a while, you should definitely bring it to the dealership.

All of these maintenance concerns are never to be overlooked. It will help you out in the future and making good habits for your car’s condition can be beneficial and less costly. Accidents can occur when proper care isn’t taken.

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