Decoding Vin Codes

February 18th, 2013 staff

Cracking Your CarDecoding the 17 character Vin Code is kind of like revealing a car’s DNA. It’s unique, tells other specifics about the car and can reveal where it was built. This information is critical whenever a vehicle is in an accident and is involved in a vehicle accident reconstruction, or has malfunctions.


Each character means something in the code. It basically reveals everything about the car. From the country, year it was built, plant where cars where manufactured, the weight of the car, engine type, body type and model of the vehicle. Where the characters are positioned and the characters themselves determine reveal information. Take a look at this infographic below to see how it works.


Could someone figure out the code manually? Sure. But in today’s digital age there’s no reason to do so.


Expert VIN DeCoder easily cracks the code without remembering or looking up what each character means. Type in the code and let our system determine everything about the car in seconds. Here’s a screen shot below of how simple it is to use and how detailed the VIN DeCoder report is.


If your company is in need for easy to read reports on vehicle VIN Codes, give 4N6XPRT’s VIN DeCoder program a try like the hundreds who already have across North America.Vin Decoder Program

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