Summer Night Driving Tips

May 24th, 2019 egreenfield
Night Driving on a mountain back road

As the summer is right around the corner, there will be some late-night driving going on. There is nothing like hopping in the car, rolling the windows down, turning your favorite playlist on, and enjoying the night summer breeze. It can be very dangerous at night, so we want to make sure you stay safe on those joyous rides.

Here are some safety tips to follow

It’s always a good idea to have music on while driving at night. If the roads are empty, the car is quiet, and you’re sleepy, you could start to doze off. You want to make sure you have something to listen to, so you can stay alert. This is always helpful for long trips at night. There are plenty of tips to make sure you’re staying alert while driving into the beautiful night. Here are some:

  • Keep your eyes peeled on the road at all times – this is good to do because you may get animals dashing across the old back road from the fields. It’s a great idea to keep checking back and forth each side of the road, so that you can be prepared to slow down for something.
  • Use your bright lights when needed – using your bright lights when driving is recommended, but only if no one else is on the road. This is good to see a lot further on the road.
  • Don’t follow too closely – don’t follow another car too closely because they could have something jump out at them in front and they have to come to a stop. Keep a good distance between you and the other cars while driving at night.
  • Pit stops – Take a load off. This is good for driving further distances at night. Pull over to a rest stop or small-town gas station to stretch and get some fresh air.
  • Roll the windows down – this is a given. It’s a nice summer night, and you might as well enjoy it by rolling the windows down and letting your hair flow in the breeze.

These are simple tips to take into account when driving at night. Car accidents can be avoidable if you’re staying awake and alert on the road. Sometimes accidents aren’t avoidable because of some circumstance out of your control. It is always good to be alert for anything to happen, whether that is a car problem or an accident, especially at night when driving conditions are much different.

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