How Auto Accident Reconstruction Works

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Accidents occur frequently all over the world. In 2018, there were a little over 225 million licensed drivers in the United States. It seems that more and more cities are becoming crowded with cars and traffic, and we assume there will be more accidents happening. Auto Accident Reconstruction plays a big role in determining the […]

What Variables Increase the Risk of a Car Accident?


Nobody wants to have a car accident, but car accidents occur all the time. There are several variables which can increase the risk of having a crash.   First, if you are using your cell phone and texting while driving, you’re four times more likely to get into serious car crashes, according to an Insurance […]

5 Reasons to Order Expert AutoStats for Accident Investigations

  Modern technology has done it again! In addition to the newest version of Expert AutoStats, your organization can soon benefit from 3D laser scanning tools. These tools improve accuracy and can help professionals investigate the cause of the accident completely.   Currently, the software and the Leica Scanstation PS15 work together in synergy to […]