With Self-Driving Cars Coming, We Still Need to Pay Attention to the Road

April 24th, 2019 egreenfield
Paying attention to the road at all times

It’s inevitable that self-driving cars will be the new norm in the future, but it is extremely important to know that this won’t give us total freedom on the road. Our utopian idea of “self-driving” is somewhat of a dream because we don’t live in a world where it’s in full-effect.

Pay attention to the road

It’s common sense to all people that when driving, we should always keep an eye on the road.  Everyone has been questioning that because of the release of self-driving cars.  When something new is invented and arrives on the market, there’s going to be problems right away.  They haven’t worked out all the kinks with the new product, so it’s always good to be well-aware of this.  Especially with cars, we should not think it is safe to just sit back and take a nap for a while.  It is wise to stay awake and be aware of the road in case of any emergencies.

The good and the bad

There are plenty of reasons why congress and scientists are considering self-driving cars to cut back on the amount of car crashes.  With more people moving into larger cities and jamming the highways, there is a higher risk and percentage of car accidents.  We are constantly distracted by technology these days, that we may think when a robotic car can drive us anywhere, we can do whatever we please.  This may be the case when the technology is “perfected,” but we still need to be paying attention.

The surprising opinion of Americans

Although we have seen the futuristic movies with robotic and flying cars, we all know these ideas can be a stretch.  Most Americans are skeptical of the thought of having no control when riding in a car.  We are used to having things done for us with new technology, but we still want control. This is a positive because when the cars are eventually put into society, it will keep us on high alert.

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